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The explosion of laser technology over the past 10 to 15 years has provided the medical profession with miraculous tools and treatment options.

God given imperfections on the face and body or imperfections stemming from the ageing process and sun damage can be treated with the amazingly sophisticated and technologically advanced:  ULTRA PULSE –  CO2  LASER.

Why is this laser so exceptional and why is it so widely used by highly skilled medical professionals around the world ?

One of the most important features of this laser is “ dermal relaxation time”.   Time of exposure of the laser beam to the tissues should be shorter than the time required to cool down the surrounding tissue. The ULTRA PULSE CO2  LASER is one on the shortest exposure beam times on the market, only 0,01 seconds. Therefore this technology allows for a wide range of cosmetic surgical applications.

This system is portable, very light and mechanically very sound and can be easily transported . A truly multi -disciplinary system, very affordable, cost-effective for the wide range of surgical applications: designed for clinics,  outpatients’ clinics and private consultation rooms in mind.

The CO2 laser beam is the only laser beam which is entirely absorbed by  water. It seals off blood vessels, lymph vessels and nerve endings as the laser incises the tissues providing a clear and dry view of the operative area. Working with a clear field reduces the time required for many procedures.  Visualization is further improved since colourless safety lenses are utilized for eye protection against the radiation of the beam.

The operating with the CO2 laser reduces blood loss and therefore reduces the chance of infection significantly.  The laser radiation can heat the surface of the tissues to temperatures that can kill bacteria allowing sterilization of the surgical site and minimizing post-operative infection.

The post surgical course is less painful and haemorrhage-free. The ULTRA PULSE  CO2 LASER –  works without traumatising surrounding or underlying tissue, so patients have minimal swelling, and report an absence of pain in most cases.  The small spot size and minimal absorption depth allows CO2 laser to provide an exceptional level of precision.

With proper selection of power and delivery mode it is possible to cut tissue  or to remove a single layer of cells!

The laser can quickly and accurately cut, vaporise and coagulate tissue, allowing the user precise control to achieve the desired results.


CO2 laser is the answer to medicine’s continuing search for surgical alternatives that are minimally invasive and less traumatic to the patient.  Features, clinical performance and a wide range of accessories make the CO2 laser versatile and affordable tool for clinic and private offices.  The CTL-1401 meets clinical needs in these new environments in a multitude of applications in dermatology and aesthetic surgery.


  • spider veins
  • couperose
  • burns and decubitus ulcers
  • condyloma acuminata
  • periungual warts
  • epidermal nevus
  • face coccus
  • lyphangioma
  • neufibroma
  • nodule amyloidosis,
  • sebaceous cystomas
  • epithelioma
  • hidradenoma
  • sebaceous adenoma
  • capillary nevus
  • senile hemangioma
  • vascular coccus
  • hypertrophic scar
  • acne keloid
  • melanoma
  • PPP

Aesthetic surgery

  • Dermabrasion for post-acne scars and superficial wrinkles
  • hair transplantation
  • excision of basal cell carcinoma
  • vaporization of rhinophyma
  • tattoo removal
  • blepharoplasty
  • lipectomies
  • moles
  • skin tags
  • spider veins and cherry spots
  • hyperceratosis
  • age and liver spots
  • plantar warts
  • PPP

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