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Price per session

Lip – R200      Chin – R200  Extended Chin R270 +/-
Beard R750 jawline, lip and chin   Bikini – R500 outside panty line  Brazilian – R600 strip in the middle
Hollywood R750 everything  Front Torso – R1700  Back Torso – R1 700
Half Leg lowerR1 200  Half  Leg upper – R1 450  Underarm – R420
Aeriola – R250

Purchase 3 sessions upfront and receive the 4th session free

Purchase 3 sessions upfront on your 5th session and receive the 8th session free.

Other areas available on request

Laser Hair Removal Pre and Post instructions

Pre care instructions

The area to be treated has to be shaved 48 hours before the treatment – hair that is too long will reduce the effectiveness of the treatment and will almost certainly require you to need more treatments.

The treatment is only suitable for black to mid-brown hair colour. Very fine hair does not respond as well as coarse hair. Skin types 1-4 (fairer skin types) are only suitable for treatment.

Certain medication can make you more photosensitive to treatments i.e. St Johns Wort, antibiotics or anti-depressants etc, you must inform your practitioner if you are taking any medication or if there are any changes to your medical history throughout your treatment plan.

It is best that no tan is visible when IPL treatments are being administered (spray tans included)

Intervals between treatments on the BODY:   6 weeks

Intervals between treatments on the FACE:    4 weeks

How Many treatments are required?

8 treatments are required initially but more treatments would be required due to hormones (e.g. polycystic ovaries ),age, health conditions or area of treatment.

100% hair reduction is not guaranteed but a definite extreme lightening in hair texture with hair loss is achieved. The 80% – 90% hair loss is obtained after the recommended IPL  hair removal course is correctly completed.

Post Care Instructions

Redness and swelling around the hair follicles is common and should subside 24/48 hours after treatment.

Tingling or mild irritation may be present for up to 24/48 hours after treatment. Hairs may appear to continue to grow after treatment but will drop out in about 2 weeks after treatment.

You may shave, trim or veet( depilatory creams) the area in between treatments but  no waxing , plucking or threading of the hair is permitted.

The use of aloe vera gel is recommended during the first 24/48 hours after treatment

Avoid swimming, sauna, steam rooms or the gym for 48 hours post treatment. Do not use perfume or highly perfumed products on the treatment area for 24 hours pre-treatment and 24 hours post-treatment.

Side effects should be minimal but you may experience:

  • Redness to the area which may fade within 24hours.
  • A warm sensation, which usually disappears after a few hours.
  • Swelling around the follicles which should return to normal within a few hours.
  • Minor blistering. If this occurs, keep the skin clear and do not pop or pick the blister. Try to keep it uncovered until it clears.
  • Changes to the skin colouring, hyper pigmentation (darkening of the skin) or hypo pigmentation (lightening of the skin). These rare side effects are seen mainly with patients who are taking photosensitive medication or who are tanned at time of treatment.