Laser Vaginal Tightening (LVT)

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laser vaginal tighteningLaser Vaginal Tightening or LVT

The concern of a loss of tone and elasticity in our facial structures effects most women – effects of the natural ageing process and other factors like our enviroment can cause lines and deeps set wrinkles to occur, jowling along the jawline and a decrease in luminosity of our complexion.

So yes, these similar processes of ageing can occur in the vaginal tissues – elasticity and collagen levels drop too, the areas inside and around the vagina become more softened and relaxed and this process is sped up further by the natural trauma and pressures of childbirth on these surrounding structures.

The loss of firmness and tone in this cavity over time can eventually result in a reduction in sexual fulfillment for you and your partner, in addition the possibility of urinary incontinence could also possibly occur at different levels of severity.

What is LVT?

Laser vaginal tightening using Micro Frcational CO2 laser is a vaginal rejuvenating procedure, it leads to a tighter and structurally better supported vaginal canal. This is the latest in safe and well researched technical advancement in the medical field.

Administered in a safe,clean and professional clinic by an experienced doctor the treatment is a office procedure that is similar to a pap test. A specially designed speculum is inserted into the vagina followed by the laser hand piece. A controlled and customized energy level is released in short intervals into the vaginal wall. The laser is evenly dispersed to allow a thorough coverage of the entire vaginal canal.

The laser will cause the supporting tissue around the vagina to grow new collagen and thicken. With time the collagen keeps on remodeling and adapting to the new state of the walls. This is why improvement of sensation increases over the following 8- 9 months.

How long is the procedure and is it painful?

The procedure can be completed within +/- 45 minutes and is not painful – no cutting involved – non surgical ( similar to a pap test). Patients experience a warmth in the area as the laser is released – this is not painful, no bleeding, no hassle. Patients can go back to work/normal life straight after the procedure. We recommend 1 week with no intercourse for recovery time and to allow the collagen to grow again.

How many treatments are required?

The amount of treatments is dependent on the condition of the vaginal walls. In most cases 1 – 2 might be required. All information and the amount of required sessions will be discussed during the in depth consultation with the doctor.


Woman who had the procedure done said that they felt more intense sensations and so did their partners.

Better bladder control is experienced.

A thorough explanation of the treatment will occur before the procedure where the doctor will asess and go through all the patient’s medical history.