Micro VitA Plus +++ Micro Needling Facial

//Micro VitA Plus +++ Micro Needling Facial
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What does this procedure entail?

Micro VitA plus +++ is an upgraded version of the Laser Clinic’s popular peel system Micro VitA that incorporates a unique fusion of microdermabrasion( light exfoliation of the upper dead skin cell layers) and then the application of a highly active and rejuvenating Retinol( Vit A ) serum.

Micro VitA plus+++ replaces the microdermabrasion with the intensive collagen stimulating and anti-ageing DERMAPEN – A micro needling( 12 – 24 tiny needles grouped together) system that delivers a rapid vertical piercing action to the upper layers of the skin – the action of the pen is so rapid that it is experienced as an intensive vibrating rough sensation as the pen glides over the skin. This treatment is administered by a trained professional.

A high strength anesthetic cream is first applied to the area for 20 minutes and thereafter the dermapen is administered. The full face is covered with special attention paid to problem areas.

The second phase of this procedure is to apply the Retinol serum to the stimulated and prepped skin after the Dermapen – the serum is now able to penetrate deeper into the lower structures of the skin stimulating a strong rejuvenating and healing response.

Treatment time: 45 minutes


Skin conditions treated 

Post acne scarring

Smokers lines

Sun damaged skin


Crepey, dull and dehydrated skin

Stretch marks*

Open pores and wrinkles etc.


Home care; Dos and Don’ts:

The serum is thoroughly washed off 6 hours later with tepid water only and a thick balm( eg Eucerin: Aquaphor balm)or rich nourishing night cream should be applied to form a healing barrier on the treated skin. It can be frequently applied to allow the upper layers of the skin to process the effects of the peeling action from the serum over the next few days. A high spectrum sunblock should be applied EVERYDAY!

The skin will be slightly red and swollen and feel tight and mildly uncomfortable (the balms will relieve these side effects) – and is the standard healing and recovery response required from this process to achieve the lightening, brightening, and overall anti – ageing effects.No down time is required

The skin will start to peel 3 – 4 days later, the thick creams applied to skin will assist with the natural sloughing off process. The skin should be allowed to peel naturally – no scrubs or other peeling systems should be applied. No heat sources should be experienced for the first 3 – 4 days: No saunas, steam rooms, fireplaces, strenuous exercises etc.

No other treatments on the skin for the next 2 weeks.

Intervals between sessions: 3 weeks