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Reverse the signs of aging and rejuventate to a healthy, youthful condition. Do you suffer from any one of the following?

Environmentally Aged/Damaged Skin
Sun spots
Crepey, uneven textured skin
Open pores
Strong lines and wrinkles
Post Acne scarring


Micro fractional CO2 laser is the latest in technological laser treatments used today by Laser specialists to rapidly remove anti ageing effects from the skin.

These beams effectively and safely penetrates 10 x deeper than any other previous laser treatments resulting in intense production of collagen and elastin and aggressive removal of deep seated pigmentation, this is the reason why in most cases only 1-2 sessions are required – depending on the condition of the skin, and a 5 year younger appearance achieved. A unique feature of this specific laser is that it can treat the upper and lower eye lids with out any harm to the actual eye itself.

 Micro Fractional CO2 Birth mark Removal Procedure

Photo Skin Rejuvenation

Photo Skin Rejuvenation is the delicate filtering of rejuvenating light into the lower layers of the skin causing the surrounding structures in the skin to heat up resulting in a controlled trauma response; this effect brings about natural rejuvenating occurrences from the skin like:

Increased collagen, elastin and hydration levels, decreased pore size, lightening of surface sun damage resulting in an overall fresher and clearer skin tone and texture.

The treatment is painless non invasive and quick which makes it an ideal lunch time procedure. After-effects on the skin are that of light sunburn, where sun spots and freckles darken which lightly flakes off a few days later.

Micro VitA Peels

The Micro VitA peel is a unique fusion of mechanical exfoliation and the natural renewing and rejuvenating properties of retinol (Vitamin A) for ALL skin types.

The peel occurs in a 2 system that removes any surface damage and signs of aging:

Phase 1) Microdermabrasion – the use of fine white aluminium crystals that gently and safely abrades the upper horney dead skin cell layer revealing new fresher skin cells – This phase prepares the skin for better absorption/penetration of active ingredients into the lower layers of the skin.

Phase 2) Peel (*Retinol) – is applied in a light layer over the entire prepared area after the microdermabrasion. The retinal fluid is light, transparent and is yellowish in colour – not easily visible on the skin. It is essential that you wash your face after 8 hours with a cleanser recommended by your practitioner.

Directly after the treatment skin will be slightly red and resemble that of a mild sun burn. – No down time required +/- 2 to 3 days later the skin will feel a bit tight due to the drying effects of the Micro VitA peel and will lightly start to flake. There is a 2 week interval between each peel. A high Spf 30+ should be applied every day on the start day of the prepping period and through out the course of the peels.

No other products other than what is advised to you by your practitioner should be used during the course of your peels.